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Unicorn Campaign Launch

We have launched the 'Unicorn Campaign', to find and fund two special horses (Unicorns) that will give our athletes the opportunity to train and compete for therapy and hopefully future medals.  An opportunity to really change the lives of our Para athletes who often have a gifted talent but lack of resources and support holds them back.  With your support we can change that.

The horses and athletes will be based with Di and Holly, with access to their super team of professionals, in the glorious Gloucestershire countryside and be supported fully as they transition through training into competition.

You can donate from £1 - £20 by texting the word UNICORN to 74060 and adding your donation amount - Unicorn1 for £1, UNICORN20 for £20 and everything in between.  If you text the word UNICORN without a number after it you will be donating £5.

Every amount helps us however great or small and we all really appreciate your help on #teamunicorn We keep every penny donated and we can't wait to see the foundation soar with your support.

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