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New Headline Sponsor For Our Fabulous Horses!

I have used Global Herbs for many years and know the fabulous effect they have had not only on the health and condition of my horses but also the calming effect we need without losing any of the sparkle. So, when the opportunity arose to work with them I jumped at the chance.

We visited the Global Herbs HQ a couple of months ago and it was clear to see that this was a company we wanted to work with. We were able to meet the whole team and to get a behind the scenes glimpse of how the supplements are created, its very Willy Wonka and so impressive. So, to now have them not only sponsor my medal winning aspirations but also to become a Headline Sponsor for The Para Equestrian Foundation is just amazing. We very much share the same ethos and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

As part of our partnership the Global Herbs team will be supporting our clinics, offering expert advice to our membership and you will soon be able to purchase the full range through our online shop at a great price not only saving you money but also generating funds for the foundation.

What a privilege to be fully supported by such an incredible company, our horses are already benefiting from their bespoke supplement selections that have been chosen for them by the Global Herbs nutritionists and they are all flourishing, as are the yard dogs who have started using the dog range. #poweredbyherbs

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