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Para Equestrian Training Hub

  • Para Performance Training Hub Membership

    Every month
    Master your training, mindset, test riding skills and more in our supportive community membership
    • Monthly live Zoom Goal Setting & Mindset session
    • Tutorials with work books/guides and live training
    • Monthly Challenges - a fun way to test your progress
    • WhatsApp Group for direct support with our coaches
    • VIP access to subsidised on horse training days and clinics
    • Access to our FaceBook Group for live and recorded training
  • Community Membership

    This free plan is all about support and offers discounted access to our clinics, webinars and camps
    Free Plan
    • Community Facebook Group
    • 10% Discount to our Clinics and Webinars
    • 10% Discount on any of our training programs
    • Access to our Team for support
    • Instant access to our advice line

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