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Our dedicated team of experienced equestrian professionals are key to the success of our program, striving to support equines and athletes alike to achieve their best. We’re always pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and to perfect our programs.



Founder - Performance Management & Education Lead

Di is an International 3* Grade 1 Para Dressage athlete.  She returned to the saddle in 2013 after having 15 years away from horses following a horse related head injury. Once back she got the competition bug and within 2 years was competing internationally.  Di has a world of equestrian and performance management experience and brings that knowledge and passion to the foundation.



Coaching & Athlete Development Lead

International Dressage Rider and Coach

MSc Professional Practice in Sports Coaching British Dressage Level 4 Coach

Coach and Rider Mentor

British Dressage Youth Coach and Youth Assessor BHS Accredited Coach, British Dressage Judge

Jane has a wealth of equestrian experience in all disciplines. Her passion for all things equestrian was fired early on, when she trained her green Connemara pony and was long listed for the Junior Event Team GB. During these early years she competed eventers, rode point to point and hunted regularly with the local hunt but her passion is dressage. Jane has since trained all her own horses from prelim to Grand Prix and has competed in many national championships and Internationals at home and abroad.

As a Coach she works with riders of varied levels and disciplines in the UK and New Zealand and is known for her sense of fun and creative, nurturing coaching, investing herself in the ambitions of those she works with fostering an environment of openness and honesty.

Jane works with competitive dressage riders, pony and riding clubs and runs both junior and senior specialist clinics as well as tailored individual performance programmes. Her expertise working with those with disabilities has included Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer and traumatic injury. Her patient, fun, comprehensive but science-based programmes are tailored to each individual partnership and the teams that surround them.

A client described her performance skills as

“Excellent, high value, intelligent, informed and unique”

Jane is involved in coach education too and supports and is mentor to young aspiring coaches. She initiated and still facilitates a thriving community for coaches that has been producing varied educational and personal development opportunities for top level, high value coaches in a safe and creative place that benefits both the coaches and their riders.

Understanding that an excellent coach can bring both physical and mental benefits to riders is the foundation of Janes’ coaching philosophy. Creating the environment for learning and progression for her riders requires experience, compassion and dedication whilst she remains humble and respectful, she is also motivational and positive, supporting riders confidence and autonomy championing them to be their best selves.



Equestrian Mental Health Resilience & Empowerment Coach

In September 2015 as a family we were present with an incredible opportunity to base ourselves in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty amidst the stunning Wye Valley.

At this point huge change was a foot for us all, and this setting had to be embraced to support those that need it the most.

My opportunity to build a safe community where the power of horses and the therapy they offer could thrive. Redbrook Therapeutic Riding Centre was born alongside its RDA group Ride 2 Achieve.

However I needed to learn much more about the science behind the mind not just base it on my experience that had allowed me to build a sustainable, reliable team of like minded, trusted individuals that help run my yard.

No longer just believe it’s luck but to work out how I made it happen without even being consciously aware of it.

In 2016 I started on a personal mindset journey - starting from within with Flying Changes Mindset and have been part of many course provided including my NLP coaching course to become an EDEN Elite Coach in 2021.

In 2022 I embarked on a Spiritual and Emotional Release Journey to create an even more rounded insight into Human Behaviour and more importantly whats in and out of ones control.

I continue to expand my knowledge of different coaching techniques through courses, observations and online learning opportunities in order to offer a wider umbrella of support and also have a range of trusted professionals that I sign post others to when I feel they would be better suited to an individual.

I base my coaching on building the following;

Community Honesty Accountability and Trust

I believe in providing individuals with actionable ways of enhancing their situations by observing current behaviours and reflecting on how best to use or adjust them to support themselves and others.

How is your current situation serving you? Is it working with or against you?



Equine Therapy Lead

Liz is a therapist with a unique approach to the prevention treatment and rehabilitation of injury. Her greatest interest however is in the improvement and development of performance and prehabilitation in horses, riders and individuals.

Involved in rehabilitation for over 30 years, 26 years attached to the Three Counties equine Hospital and 19 years simultaneously with the Hartpury Equine Therapy Centre. Here in addition to pioneering equine therapy and Rider performance she has been involved in research culminating in the production of peer reviewed research papers.

sharon and grey.JPG


Human & Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Sharon is a L4 Sports Massage Therapist trained to treat both horses and riders.  After qualifying as a human therapist, she was accepted on to the Equine Sports Massage International Therapy Examination Council course and trained by world renowned Chartered Physiotherapist and Sports Therapist Mary Bromiley MBE, FCSP SRP RPT(USA). 

Sharon's passion is the understanding that Equestrian sport relies on two athletes working together - by treating both human and equine, she is able to quickly spot any comparable muscular issues in both horse and rider, working with both to alleviate any issues and prevent future problems.



Rider Neuro Physiotherapist

Kathryn Burns is a specialist Neuro Physiotherapist who runs the Rider Rehab Centre in Yorkshire.
Kathryn has developed a specialism in rider Biomechanics and normal movement patterns from happy Hackers to international Para Riders. She works with riders with a variety of physical conditions from neurological disorders, limb loss to degenerative conditions. Sessions focus on improving performance through efficiency. This can be through improving stability, ridden biomechanics, looking at aids and adaptations or muscle activation work on and off the horse.

KH Image.jpg


APEC Advanced Coach, Accredited Professional Coach

Kathryn crosses the exciting ride and drive divide with some great experience in both the ridden and driven spheres...  Kathryn specialises in youth and para coaching, unlocking potential and giving a huge confidence boost to those she supports.

An experienced equine trainer herself, she has produced some stunning horses and ponies, from KWPN athletes to Welsh Section D pony superstars.  She is known for her patient, empathetic approach with the horses in her care. She has a carefully planned (flexible) training regimen which the horses appreciate and she has proven her complete adaptability over the past years. Even highly strung, or previously misunderstood horses relax in her care.

Kathryn is a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, British Carriage Driving Accredited Coach and APEC - Advanced Coach with the renowned Centre 10.  She also has a great deal of experience in performance coaching.

If you feel you could offer your own equestrian skills to our equines or athletes please drop us a line.

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