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Alison Sandford Joins Our Professional Team

The Thriving  Beyond Pain Coach

My early journey with horses was through a riding school and my first horse was an 18th birthday present – an Arab filly. I went on to breed and race, holding amateur owner and trainer's licenses. They were placed on several occasions, two went on to do endurance. I served as the Clark of the Course for the Arab Horse Society at Lingfield Park on two consecutive years.

In 1999 I started to experience debilitating episodes of back pain. Looking after and training my horses became increasingly difficult, I was forced to reduce the number of horses, my riding and eventually close my complementary therapy practice. In 2009 I was shocked by a diagnosis of complex congenital and degenerative spinal issues. I was unprepared for the psychological and emotional impact of three neurosurgeries over the next 10 years. Each time it took about a year to fully recover. I drew on my knowledge and skills from complementary therapy, NLP and Reiki to rehabilitate myself.

I completed a BSC (Hons) in Applied Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare and my dissertation focused on Reiki and Neuroscience in horses. I was then invited to sit on the Reiki Council, Reiki for Animals sub-committee; we wrote the National Occupational Standards for Professional Practice and are currently working on the teaching and training standards for all Member Organisations.

When I eventually got back in the saddle in 2021, I was introduced to Endurance riding by a friend and became a registered para rider.

As an accredited coach, I have developed programmes drawing on my lived experiences, complementary therapies, Reiki, NLP and Neuroscience. I empower people with chronic pain to make fundamental and lasting change, so they rebuild their own life, purpose, and identity to be able to thrive.

We are so excited to welcome Alison to our Professional Team and I know she will have an incredible impact on our 'Grassroots to Grand Prix Athletes across all Equestrian disciplines.

Welcome to the Team Alison



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