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Para Driving Opportunities Welcomed at Certius National Championships 16th - 17th July 2022

As our PEF membership and reach grows as do the opportunities for our members, supporters and followers.

We are delighted to announce the exciting new association of the PEF with the Certius National Carriage Driving Championships 2022, held at The David Broome Event Centre on 16th & 17th July. This inclusive new event offers a range of driven classes, including a Para Class, which the PEF are pleased to be sponsoring.

Our own Di Green will be attending the event, watching, and supporting drivers of all ages and levels of ability. Di will be meeting the organisers, as well as being interviewed by Horse and Country TV, who will be covering all the action on both days.

The PEF will also be spending time with our first ever driving ambassador, Louise Blanch and her pony Cheeta. Louise will be competing on Saturday and Sunday, in the well-attended Para Class.

We will be featuring more about Louise, including an in-depth interview, we look forward to supporting her in her goal of competing in the World Para Driving Championships in 2024.

All spectators are very welcome on 16th and 17th July

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16th - 17th July 2022




The Certius Championships is an exciting new arena-based event aiming to fill the space between the two and three day summer events and the one day Indoor winter events, and to provide a goal to the whole spectrum of carriage drivers across the country.

The Certius Championships will be run over two days. Saturday will be Dressage/P&P. A new test has been developed that is a fusion of a traditional Dressage test and a Precision and Paces test, known as Compulsory Figures. Copies of the test can be found at

The same 'footprint' is driven by all in a 20m x 50m arena. Novices drive the test predominantly in working trot with a walk and halt and one lengthened stride section. Open classes drive the same movements but in collected, working and extended trot, working and free walk, halt and rein back and one handed. For clubs wishing to use this test it can be presented and marked as a P&P test with 10 movements and scored in the usual way. For those preferring a Dressage test there is a 20 box score sheet with 17 movements and 3 collective marks. At the Championships there will be a Dressage judge at C and Precision and Paces judges at B and E.

Saturday will begin with Phase One - Compulsory Figures driven in the Magic Arena. This will be followed by Phase Two - Cones, driven in the Superflex Arena.

Sunday will be Phase Three - Obstacles, driven in the Superflex Arena. The four Obstacles will be built prior to the weekend allowing plenty of time for walking.

Backsteppers are considered Navigators in all phases and may talk throughout the competition.

As many of you will know Cricklands offers a full range of facilities including stables which make the event accessible to all. Entry fee will be affordable and will include stables.


Small Ponies: Single - Pairs - Tandem - Team

Juniors: 14yrs and under Veteran Driver

Para Drivers

Novice Single Pony Novice Single Horse

Open Single Pony Open Single Horse

Traditional Pony Cob Traditional Horse Cob

Novice Pony Pair Novice Horse Pair

Open Pony Pair Open Horse Pair

Pony Tandem

Horse Tandem

Pony Team

Horse Team


Invitations will be offered to the highest placed drivers at any Short Format event down to 3rd place excluding those already qualified. Anyone in a class by themselves must have achieved a minimum of 50% of the score of the best driver at that event.


Qualification criteria will be flexible to draw from arena based events, indoor or out as well as open country venues with permanent obstacles. The choice of Dressage/P&P test is at the Organisers discretion. Cones courses between 10 and 20 elements. And 4 obstacles which could be 2 obstacles driven twice or 4 individual obstacles, these generally would not be part of a timed marathon.

Qualification - from July to Sept 2021 and April to June 2022.

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