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Membership of Academy Pathways Open ahead of launch!

We officially opened our Academy membership pathways a few days ago and already have an incredible 60+ athletes registered. Just incredible as we actually have only put 1 post on our Facebook page to announce it. Goodness knows where we will be when we fully promote it, but we can't wait to welcome you all.

When Di launched the Foundation she knew there was a need for it and how right was she. Our growth since lockdown has been just incredible and most days you will find Di devoting her time to athletes who are in need of some 1:1 support having gone through a life changing injury and want to find a way to return to the saddle or those who want to start out in the sport or have a child that does and they have no idea how to make that dream happen. Those words of support and encouragement from someone who has lived through similar are so impactful and we just love this part of the program. So to see those riders now joining the Academy is fabulous and we can't wait to see them flourish.

This growth really is testament to the work that the PEF Team are doing and their growing support from professionals has been really quite remarkable. We really do have some fabulous people working to make this happen across all of the disciplines and of course our off yard professionals who are working with us to deliver physical and mental health support. We could not be prouder of this ever growing team and their desire to work with us to enable both our therapy riders and budding or already established competitive riders to succeed at their own pace and toward their own goals.

Our commercial support has grown vastly too and we have some very exciting collaborations about to be announced and who could forget the start of our own breeding program, so watch out for more information on that too. There will be foals!

Picture of foal because who doesn't love them!

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