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International Competitors come forward to offer support

A word from our founder Di Green - When I created the foundation it was as a result of a growing need for riders to access horses, knowledge, support, funding and teams who could enable them to achieve their goals, whether that be riding for therapy, leisure or competition.

Since we have come out of lockdown and the pandemic is more in check things have really picked up a gear and we are working on so many projects and with so many riders that the work has become a full time role. This is a real vocation for me and I have definitely found my calling, but at times I am a little overwhelmed by it all, so imagine how moved I was when 3* riders started to contact me and offer their help. Just incredible.

I will introduce you to our new Rider Mentors in the coming days but first out of the blocks is Amanda Shirtcliffe. We met whilst on World Class and became firm friends. She has a font of knowledge in all things Para Dressage and will be great for our riders to bounce ideas off of. She is also an RDA judge and a trainee BD Judge so will also help run some of our Test Riding Clinics. Take a look at her profile on our new Rider Mentor page, you will soon see her take an active role in the foundation but do follow her social pages

@Amanda Shirtcliffe - Para Dressage

I'm so excited to have her on board although I imagine it will cost me a fortune in cakes and Percy Pigs...

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