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Exciting Collaboration as Equihandee Announce Sponsorship

Exciting times at PEF as we announce our sponsorship with Equihandee. The generous sponsorship will give purchasers a 5% discount and the Foundation will also receive a 5% donation from each purchase. A really amazing offer! Simply use the code PEF10 at the checkout.

The team have been trialling the products for a few weeks and they have become relied upon very quickly. Di our founder has been trialling the Core Support and it has made a big difference to her. Mounting and Dismounting have always been a challenge as she has little core strength but the Core Support has handles at the sides and down the back which enable the team to hold her safely during the whole process. A complete gamechanger!

We have also tested the Bunny Ears and found that they are the perfect aid for Di to get her seat and pelvis in the correct position once in the saddle. Watch out for the videos of just how she does that soon. They are also a great tool for lunge work and we are very excited about them.

The teams are also collaborating on some new product designs which will be announced soon. This is a great partnership, the products are all manufactured in the UK by renowned industrial strength manufacturers offering a real safety and quality look and feel that are built to last and really well designed. We are honoured to have been chosen by Equihandee for this very generous sponsorship.

Click on the button to see the range and get to know Equihandee...

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